Survey Success

There were acres of innovation at the 2012 National AgriMarketing Association annual convention in Kansas City, Mo., April 18 -20.

High Plains Journal took the opportunity to introduce the 2011 Readex Reader Profile Study to representatives of national accounts. The study includes unique demographic information that covers readership, crops, livestock, equipment, and specific brand inputs—all information that media buyers find useful when carrying out marketing plans. The study will help assess not only the power of High Plains Journal, but also aids in identifying market trends.

The survey was planned in 2011 by Tom Taylor, John Seatvet, Pete Weil, Todd Fuller, Kristen Winter, and Sarah Farlee. In January 2012 the eight-page survey was mailed to subscribers of all five editions of the paper. Return on the survey was a phenomenal 40 percent and gives a detailed representation of readers.

“The ability to document a profile of High Plains Journal/Midwest Ag Journal readers will assist our clients with their marketing strategies,” said Pete Weil, national accounts manager. “The study arms us with valuable information testifying to the fact the publication serves an elite farmer/rancher audience.”

“The study shows we reach our subscribers with purpose and they respond to advertising,” Weil added.

The survey was well received in Kansas City by representatives of accounts like Syngenta, Great Salt Lake Minerals, Pioneer, Monsanto, and The Beef Checkoff—to name a few.

“When clients are engaged in the information we are presenting then we know we have something positive,” said John Seatvet, sales manager. “The fact that so many major players in our publication were asking questions and wanting to know more shows us that what we have here is unique.”

The unique study is similar to an industry standard done by Hoard’s Dairyman, and the survey is something industry media buyers look for before making any purchasing decisions regarding marketing strategies.

“This kind of product and this kind of information will only solidify the quality media buy High Plains Journal is,” Seatvet said. “We can now prove that we can reach the most elite producers in the core of production agriculture.”

“Our clients want audiences with buying power while covering a target market, and we bring those producers to the table with our publication,” added Seatvet. “We’ve known this for years, but now we have the study that proves we are the leader in a regional media buy.”


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