All Aboard prepares for its fifth harvest

AAWH_Sponsors_Logo_webThe experience of a lifetime has gone global, and the realities of wheat harvest are now experienced in real time.

Three correspondents will share their family’s journey from Texas to the Dakotas as wheat harvest moves through America’s heartland. The harvest story will be told by our correspondents who are in the field and are a part of the harvesting lifestyle.

Jada Bulgin, Hoffman Harvesting, is one of the original correspondents and has been with the tour since 2009. Jada is a second-generation harvester and she and husband, Leon, have now taken over the family business while raising a toddler on the road. The Zeorian crew is also an All Aboard Wheat Harvest original. In 2012 Callie and Taylor Zeorian will take over the reins of correspondent from big sister, Jenna. Matriarch Tracy will also contribute to the blog on occasion.

Misener Family Harvesters are also back for another year. Emma has been with the tour since 2010 when she started as a part-time correspondent. She is now full-time on the harvest trail and will share stories that go beyond the wheat field.

Megan Roland will also return as a part-time correspondent and will update readers on a less frequent basis, while Stephanie Osowski will return for her second year on the tour.

The correspondents will be sharing wheat quality information, personal experiences, and observations during their harvest runs. They’ll be sharing their accounts of harvest via KFRM Radio, as well as other broadcast stations and media outlets along the way.

The blog has gained a global following since inception in 2009. The website ( offers an opportunity to subscribe to updates delivered via email. Follow the tour on, which has over 1,500 followers in the harvest community. Twitter is also a way to follow along with the tour ( as correspondents will be tweeting from the field.

Photography has been a popular portion of the tour and can be followed on Flickr ( to see the best images from harvest as seen through the lens of our team of correspondents.

Nearly half of the tour’s followers were agricultural producers, some with limited access to instant updates. Therefore, some followers tracked the tour through the weekly print media source – High Plains Journal and Midwest Ag Journal.


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