It’s all about education

By Holly Martin, Editor, High Plains Journal and Midwest Ag Journal

I’ve spent time with over 200 farmers in Enid learning about canola. Tomorrow, I’ll be among over 5,000 more farmers at the 2012 Commodity Classic. There are few things I enjoy more than spending time among agricultural producers.

During lunch, one grower asked me, “Why does the Journal sponsor events like this?”

“Education is what we do,” was my response. To me, the role of the Journal is about more than delivering a magazine to your mailbox.

Our role has changed over the years. It used to be that we covered agriculture news, printed it on a piece of paper and that was that. Today, it is so much more. It is about helping producers stay informed and excel in their business.

The farming and ranching business has become much more than tossing some seed in the ground and hoping for the best. Today, farmers have upped their game. They spend many hours researching the best varieties to plant. Fields are planted and harvested with precision, delivering detailed information.

In the same way, the Midwest Ag Journal has changed. Sure, we still deliver the news. But now the news comes in the paper, on the website and on e-readers.

We conduct and sponsor meetings that educate producers. We deliver news from the fields in real-time. And we aren’t stopping there. We’re working on some exciting new products that will do more to help educate producers and help them make the decisions based on the best information.

Over the years, I’ve seen a trend among the most successful farmers and ranchers. There is an eagerness to learn that always impresses me. They can’t have too much information. And likewise, the willingness to share what they’ve learned with their peers amazes me.

So when I spend the day among farmers eager to learn and improve their business, it simply inspires me. If what we do at the Journal–writing stories, holding educational events, and the like–means that farmers can do their job better, then I’d say we’re both successful.


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