Sorghum U has successful three event run in the High Plains

SorghumU_LogoIndustry insiders presented information on a wide variety of topics at Sorghum U held in Dodge City, Kan., Lubbock, Texas, and Kearney, Neb.

The three-event series of farmer-focused grain sorghum meetings across the High Plains was sponsored by the Sorghum Checkoff, Sorghum Partners, Abengoa Bioenergy, and High Plains Journal. Each meeting provided a regionalized look at how producers have an opportunity to explore the profitability and new market opportunities of grain sorghum.

Topics ranged from new marketing opportunities, basic and advanced agronomics, using marginal transitional land, and other farm-level practices that help increase producer profitability. The Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of grain sorghum as an eligible feedstock under the Renewable Fuels Standard opens up new markets in several areas including the three targeted areas in the Southern Plains, Southwest Kansas, and South Central Nebraska.

“We believe this new opportunity to produce advanced biofuel will increase demand for the crop and lead to greater profitability for producers across the nation,” said Sorghum Checkoff Renewables Director, John Duff.

“Furthermore, it gives us great pride that these producers will play a key role in supplying homegrown advanced biofuel, and we look forward to supporting them in these efforts going forward.”

Part of that support is providing quality educational forums that encourage informal discussions between industry insiders and both experienced and new growers alike. The event provided breakout sessions on specific topics with industry insiders serving as speakers with regionalized expertise.

Each event surpassed expected attendance and received excellent reviews from attendees. Dodge City hosted 134 farmers, Lubbock hosted 171 farmers, and Kearney hosted 110 farmers. For more information and to access event materials visit 


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