Forging new frontiers in Kansas City

The national sales team held 14 meetings with current clients during the 2013 Agri-Marketing Conference to discuss outlooks and potential opportunities for the year ahead—and beyond. 

In addition to meeting individually with clients, High Plains Journal also sponsored the omelette breakfast on Thursday. This sponsorship has become a tradition at the annual conference and provides an opportunity to meet and greet with all attendees of the conference. This year’s attendance was at an all-time high, and NAMA memberships are also high as well. Kansas City has always provided a centralized location for members, and next year with the move to the southeast in Jacksonville, Fla., it is anticipated that antecedence will be lower. This anticipation was discussed at the annual Board of Directors meeting where a dues increase was voted on – and passed, with only one vote of opposition.

Dues for 2014 will increase $20. The increase is the first dues increase since 2006.

This decision was made as part of a sustainability plan that ensures NAMA will be financially stable in the future, and able to put on quality programming for members during conferences.

Programming has been a priority in recent years, and is evident in the speaker line-up that NAMA provides to conference attendees.  The panel of speakers for this year’s conference was phenomenal and included Dr. Jay Lehr (former Small Grain Solutions keynote),  sessions on social media ROI, global economy developments, creativity, and recruiting young talent. Holly Martin, editor, was also part of a panel that spoke on the importance of media mix in advertising buys. Martin was joined by NAFB marketing and communications director Becki Rhodes.

The next event for NAMA will be the Fall Conference held in St. Louis.

2013 National Agri-Marketing Conference

Holly Martin (left) and Becki Rhodes (right) participate in the Media Mix panel at the 2013 NAMA Conference. The panel discussed the importance of media variety in advertising buys. (photo by AgWired)



(featured photo by AgWired)


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