How to follow All Aboard Wheat Harvest

Writing in the pickup

There are many ways followers can interact with the All Aboard Wheat Harvest crews this summer. Here are some simple ways to get the most out of your experience.

This year harvest is rather late. Crews are just now beginning the move south to Texas,or southern Oklahoma to begin the 2013 harvest. Introductory stories have been posted and printed, and these stories are a great way to get an introduction to the ladies who will be providing updates, and the families they come from and the crews they represent.

Follow the blog: The blog is updated on a regular basis, and during the peak of harvest it is updated daily. The best way to follow along is subscribing to email updates. This can be done by adding your email into the “subscribe” field on the right side of the blog. The email subscription will deliver the latest updates to your inbox every morning.

Follow Twitter: Twitter is a great way to spread the word using ReTweets. Follow the correspondents, or the @allaboardtour. Don’t forget to RT your favorite posts to your followers. Reply to tweets and start a conversation. Remember to make certain that all your followers see your reply/conversation do not start a tweet with the @ symbol. You can always put a period, or character in front of the @ to make sure everyone can see it. If you start a tweet with the @ symbol the only people that see that tweet are those that follow both you, and the account you are replying to.

Like AAWH on Facebook: Videos, and photos will be shared on the Facebook page. Go out and like This is a great way to get the latest updates, and don’t forget to comment!

Instagram: The newest way to interact is with Instagram. If you have an account follow @allaboardharvest or the hashtag #aawh13. The hashtag #aawh13 is displayed on the blog to the left side. You can even contribute to that feed! Simply snap a photo and tag it #aawh13, but your account needs to be a public account for your photos to appear on the blog as part of the collection. It’s a great way to contribute to our program.

Email: Feel free to shoot the correspondents an email. Tell them how much you enjoy their posts, or share a harvest story of your own. Each correspondent does respond to their email, and it’s always nice to have feedback.

To read the AAWH introductory editorial by Holly Martin “The train hasn’t quite left yet,” click here.


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