Bayer Profit Maximizer Wheat Summit


Bayer Profit Maximizer Wheat Summit returned to Wichita, Kan., on August 7 to provide wheat farmers in Kansas and Oklahoma practical tools to meet challenges that face the industry each and every day.

The program is sponsored by Bayer CropScience with partners Kansas Wheat, High Plains Journal, and KFRM 550 AM.

Dr. Kim Anderson, Oklahoma State University, was the first speaker of the day addressing “Business to Business” as it pertains to the wheat industry. Anderson encouraged farmers in attendance to keep it simple when marketing wheat, and that worrying about marketing wheat is a waste of time.

“Develop a simple marketing plan,” said Anderson. “Write the plan down, and follow the plan.”

Keeping things simple also carried over to a presentation by John McGillicuddy, who is an independent agronomist contracting with multiple companies to provide technical support to sales staffs.

McGillicuddy addressed dilemmas that often face farmers today like the management decisions they are forced to make.

“Why are we raising 100 bushel wheat in Kentucky, and not here?” McGillicuddy asked.

“Because the rules are different,” he answered.

The rules may be different when it comes to farming, but when it comes to being an advocate for what you do it seems the rules are similar for all industries that are facing increased regulations, and social pressures.

Keynote speaker, Bruce Vincent, inspired the 120 farmers in attendance to be an activist not only for your own operation, but the industry.

“Take just one hour out of your week and do anything,” Vincent said. “Spend an hour talking to kids at school, or write a letter to an editor, or a legislator.”

Vincent added that urban ignorance is the biggest challenge that rural America faces.

“Educate them,” Vincent said. “Don’t take for granted everybody knows where things come from like we do – because they don’t know.”

Jeff Edwards from Oklahoma State University presented the importance of fungicides on wheat, and how yields can be determined by their proper usage. Edwards included significant data that showed the differences between plots that were treated and untreated with fungicides.

Farmers in attendance were also given product updates throughout the day from Bayer CropScience technical support, in addition to an interactive and engaging weed resistance panel moderated by KFRM’s Kyle Bauer.

Questions were received from the audience for the panel, who talked everything from their outlook on weed control and resistance, to chemicals and spraying, and how to deal with neighbors who are unable to control weeds.

The program wrapped up with a reception for those in attendance, who had an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the speaking panel.


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