Save These Dates

Upcoming events from the employee committee:


September 30, 2013- Barbecue grazing day

Several people will be bringing in barbecued meats on Monday for lunch.  We will ask everyone else to bring in side dishes (salad, dessert, chips, cheese, bread, veggies) anything you would like to go along with the barbeque.


October 21, 2013- PIE Meeting

For our fund raiser this year we will be drawing for (3) grocery bundles ($100.00 – $50.00 – $25.00) at the Christmas Party.  Any employee may participate and you do not have to be present to win.  Ticket sales will start October 21, 2013 and you may purchase them from Adam.  The ticket prices are as follow:

            1 Ticket                                                 $  2.00

            6 Tickets                                               $  5.00

            Your wing span                                  $ 20.00

                          (Tickets stretched hand to hand)

October 31, 2013-Halloween soup and Chili grazing day

We will have a signup sheet for soup, chili, side dishes (salad, dessert, chips, cheese, bread, veggies). 

We will also have a Halloween Costume Contest.


December 7, 2013-High Plains Journal Christmas Party

               Depot Theater Company


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