Niche Digital: Wide World of Webinars

This is part three of a series of summaries from the Niche Digital Conference held in Nashville, Tenn. The conference is focused on online revenue strategies for niche publications.


Webinars are a way niche publishers make serious money, build audiences, share information and add value. They are not exactly easy, but they are very feasable streams of revenue.

There are three general myths when it comes to webinars. They are:

1.) If you build iit they will come.
2.)  I’m a great presenter, so I’ll just show up and wing it.
3.) All attendees are “sales ready” to buy now.

Webniars have challenges like attracting, engaging, and converting audiences. Webinars can be used to put your company on the map as a vable player whihile reaching new markets and geographies. Following some of the best practices can help make webinars a successful revenue stream.

1.) When preparing a subject line for your webinar do not put FREE in the subject line.
2.) Sound/audio is the achilles heel of webinars. Test, test, test again, and practice. Go for quality, not cheap.
3.) Never use a speaker phone, or an open mic and PC. The best type of device for sound is a USB headset or pro mic.
4.) Start and stop the webinar on time.
5.) The best time to hold a webinar is 2 p.m. EST on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

There are two types of webinar content. The informational webinar that includes case studies, best practices, lessons learned, business values, metrics, and ROI. The other type of webinar is a sales pitch that is product centric and features benefits and pricing of a product. Bottom line, make sure the audience is being educated and you are providing something with value.

Publishers make great sources for webinars becuase of great content that is desired by an audience that is hungry to learn new things. Publishers have the ability to talk about industry trends and perspectives. Other thees include case studies on business development, how-to tutorials, and standards and compliance. Webinars are great magnets to attract customer prospects.

When planning a webinar budget six to eight weeks for the planning process. This process includes five steps.

1.) Set the stage and begin planning. What do you want to achieve.
2.) Attract the audience and tracking metrics.
3.) Shape the content with scripts and table reads.
4.) Final sound checks, and technical tests, and go live with the webinar.
5.) Post event analysis.

There are important engagement tools you can use during webinars that include online polls, live questions, and social media surveys or monitoring (use a hashtag for Twitter). After the event be sure to put out a survey to find out what you can improve on, or what the audience missed. Another key component to any webinar is the on-demand element. Always record the webinar and post it for future viewing, and track those views.

For more information on webinars visit and visit the resources page to view e-books and videos on creating compelling and successful webinars.



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