AgCatalyst Conference

Sarah Farlee, Paul Hurst and Cody Felber attended the AgCatalyst conference in Minneapolis, Minn. Sept. 26-27.  High Plains Journal served as an event sponsor.

AgCatalyst was designed for marketing and communications professionals in agribusiness and food production to learn from industry experts and peers with experience solving challenges and creating opportunity using digital social communications tools and strategies.

Morning Keynote Speakers:

Jay Baer– The opening keynote focused on Youtility: marketing so useful people would pay you for it.

1. Identifying customer needs to find out what tools and information your customers need to make better decisions.

2. Map customer needs to useful marketing: Understand not just what your customers need, but how and where they prefer to access information.

3. Market your marketing: Add promotional support to the Youtility you create.  People will not just magically discover it.

4. Insource Youtility: Being useful must be a part of your entire organization, not just a small, centralized team.

5. Make Youtility a process, not a project: Youtility requires a never-ending, constantly reinvented and refined process as customer needs change, technology changes and new ideas are formulated.

6. Keep score: It’s essential to find a way to measure Youtility effectively.

Art Foehlich shared his career experiences in various business ventures from farming to opening a pub in Seoul.

Case Study Presentations:

Janice Person focused on finding common ground and opening up conversations with those critical of your company.

Jennifer Keller shared how the Ohio Pork Producers successfully launched the highly successful “Show us how much you love bacon” campaign.

Al Winmill explained how Titan Machinery Outlet Store was able to increase interaction by 30% by providing valuable content through social media and increased sales without selling.

Afternoon Keynotes:

Joseph Lewczak shared his expertise in advertising, marketing and promotions, media and intellectual property law.

Sara Wyant spoke about the U.S. farm bill, government shutdown and it’s impact on the agricultural community.

Social Influencer Panel:

Kristin Porter, Crystal Blin, Stephanie A. Meyer and Emily Zweber held a panel discussion on how they created their own agriculture and food websites and continue to stay true to their readers.


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