Niche Digital: Integrating Facebook and Email

This is part four of  a series of summaries from the Niche Digital Conference held in Nashville, Tenn. The conference is focused on online revenue strategies for niche publications.

Social media is not going to kill e-mail. Fifty-eight percent of adults in the U.S. check e-mail first thing in the morning, and 77 percent prefer email for promotional messaging. Facebook is great, but it’s for people who already like what you’re doing – or your product. Facebook is a trailing indicator of relationships, not a leading indicator.

If Facebook is not as phenomenal as once thought, than why do companies put so much into their Facebook campaigns? Because Facebook makes public the number of likes and that feeds a competetiveness to have more numbers than anybody else. It’s human nature.

Facebook helps people who already know you remember you, but email does the exact same thing.

There are three areas of integration. Operations and measurement, list growth and segments, and message and content. Let’s look at each area.

1.) Operations and Measurement Integration

Email subscribes = Facebook likes
Email unsubscribes = Facebook unlikes/hides
Email opens = Facebook reach
Email clicks = Facebook engaged users
Email forwards = Facebook shares

Calculate the true cost of email and value of Facebook posts by using this worksheet

Cross channel analysis of value and cost is much easier if data is shared internally. Your email people should be the same people that handle Facebook and other social media.

2.) List Growth and Segment Integration

Email open rate is about 25 percent.
Facebook visibility rate is about 10 percent
Twitter visibility rate is unknown

This means that a prospective reader seeing any one message from your ogranization is SLIM. Maximize connection points. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Use Facebook tabs to provide an email opt-in for any newsletters or emailed content you provide (
  • Promote Facebook in an e-mail confirmation, or in an unsubscribe email (much like we do in the digital edition email)
  • Gather data with social logins (like Facebook). This is effective and helps behavioral tracking. (Janrain) You can use Google in addition to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.
  • 77 percent of people who shop online prefer social logins and makes conversions go up.
  • Create a socially active email segment, or a sub-groub of your current lists.
  • Use the Facebook ad console. Promote ads. Use the ad exchange. Target an audience!
  • Facebook FBX is a new way to give you a very targeted audience by using cookies on your website.

3.) Messaging Integration

Take a look at the time of day and time of week you’re sending content and do some testing. What works? You can mine data via Facebook to see when the posts are the most engaged. This is a great way to find where the opportunities lie. Another test is headline testing. See what people click on, and it’s OK to use multiple headlines.

Facebook is a real-time maniffestation of your brand. Deploy Facebook content in emails. You can do this by putting your most popular Facebook content (or all social media content0 into an email that becomes a one-stop-shop. FanCentric is a great resource for doing this type of content push.

Another way to create and push great content is put together a calendar for posts, or unify with the editorial calenar. It’s also not a bad idea to create a calendar of promotions, or items you want promoted and note those to promote, or boost and a budget for these posts.


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