Niche Digital: The Online Dating Game To Conversion

This is part five of  a series of summaries from the Niche Digital Conference held in Nashville, Tenn. The conference is focused on online revenue strategies for niche publications. 

For publishers it is all about conversion and getting print and online subscribers. Jill Scott, Scott’s Marketplace, explains the attitude marketers and audience developers need to think of conversion like a dating game – an online dating game.

There are five steps to conversion, or getting that date.

1.) Research = listening to what people want
2.) Content = primping and planning
3.) Likes, Shares, etc. = enlisting a wingman
4.) Capture Information = get their digits
5.) Paid Subscriptions = ask them out, get that date

Let’s look in to getting that date step by step. It’s easier than it looks.

Step 1: Shut Up And Listen
Research! Listen to what your customers want. It’s as simple as that. Before you take the plunge and go on that date you do a little research, and that same concept applies to conversions. Know the Google AdWords you should be using, look at Google trents, and social media fans. Dig into your website traffic and stats, and find out exactly what your customer is up to.

Step 2: Primp And Plan
You don’t show up to a date looking homeless. You dress to attract that potential mate. Create products that your customers (and potential customers) want. This could be e-books for download, white papers, digital editons, e-newsletters, or other tailored online content.

Tip: In addition to audience building potential each product can also be a form of potential revenue.

Step 3: Enlilst A Wingman
Once in a while you need help getting that date. You need an endorsement that you’re “cool” and social media is a great wingman. Let customers sing your praises via social sharing options, and don’t forget tracking codes in your links (like Make your customers take action to share. Use the “click to tweet” function on blogs, emails, and your website.

Tip: Get your entire staff involved. Have a marketing or social media manager send daily emails with prewritten tweets, LinkedIN, or Google + posts for the to share. It helps ensure the right message is being promoted at the right time. 

Step 4: Get Those Digits
You need that phone number to call or text your date, so get it. This is the information gathering stage. Gather emails, phone numbers, or other basic contact information and make a database that can be used in cross-promotional efforts.

How do you get this information? Sometimes you just have to beg. Or, you can do contests, ad a hello bar on the web, use popups (although annoying, they work). Contests are a great tool, and you can get creative.

Tip: Don’t stop with Facebook. Put yourself out there!

Step 5: Ask Them Out
You have the number, now how do you use it to kickstart your social life?

Build databases or a unified database that can be used to cross-promote. Consider using Facebook Custom Audiences for a very targeted message that can even be posted as an “unpublished post.” These unpublished posts never show up on your timeline, but you can determine who sees them. It’s creepy, but functional. One of the best uses of these unpublished posts is under the radar subscription offers.


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