Niche Digital: Wrap-Up

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville, Tenn. This conference is focused on revenue producing ideas for niche publishers. It’s a phenomenal conference that brings like-minded publishers together.

I learned that we aren’t alone. The challenges that we face daily are the same challenges that are plaguing the niche market. We all have excellent content, but often times niche publishers fail to think outside the box for fear of alienating a very small audience. Granted, we aren’t going to start giving away goats as part of a new promotion, but we have to force ourselves to think broader. We also have to remember that segmenting our audience is OK, too. We may have an audience of elite diversified farmers, but there is also opportunity to scale that down and develop content or programs for segments of that larger audience.

If you can bring advertisers 50 quality leads, that’s much better than 500 people they’ll never sell to.

If you’d like to review the specific sessions I summarized you can click below. I would also be happy to discuss ideas at any point.

In addition, I have an extra copy of a couple books that I would be happy to loan if you are interested in learning about new techniques.

You might also want to check out the Niche Digital blog that contains great information about selling, social media, the digital movement, and ideas for revenue streams.



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