High Plains Journal staff receives national recognition

Associate Editor Jennifer M. Latzke was awarded two first place awards and a second place award in the National Federation of Press Women communications contest.

The national contest comprises first place entries at the state level competition that were sent to the national contest to be judged against some of the best work from across the United States.

Latzke was awarded first place in the humorous column category for Common Ground column entries, “The things we ask guys to do” and “Just whom are you calling old-timer?”

“The farmer bowl” earned Latzke another first place award in the editorial/opinion/print-based newspaper category.

Latzke was also awarded second place in the general column category for “A toilet paper movement” and “Rural by choice.”

In addition, High Plains Journal received recognition for collaborations by Marketing Director Sarah Farlee, Editor Holly Martin, Graphic Artist Amanda Johnson, and Freelance Writer Martha Mintz.

Johnson, Martin, Farlee, and Mintz were awarded a first place award for the special supplement “Story of a Steak.”  The collaborative effort also earned a second place award for the Story of a Steak series.

Johnson and Farlee were awarded second place in the advertising campaign category for ads developed for the All Aboard Wheat Harvest program.

National Federation of Press Women is a dynamic nationwide organization of professional women—and men—pursuing careers across the communications spectrum. The annual NFPW Communications Contest encourages and rewards excellence in communication in a wide range of categories, with entries judged by leaders in their fields of expertise.


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