NEW! Fact Sheets

There are three new fact sheets available to you for use.

To download these fact sheets for use, click the link. You will be directed to an attachment page. Right click on the image and choose Save As to retain a digital copy of the sheets. You may also print from the attachment page with a right click (choose print rather than save as).


Northern Plains Push: Midwest Ag Journal will kick off a branding campaign to the Northern Plains beginning on September 22. The campaign will add an extra 5,000 subscribers in South Dakota and Minnesota in October and November. This one-page sales resource will help you get clients a little extra push.


No. 1 source of information for purchasing decisions: This one-page fact sheet is a new resource with Readex Research Trend Study information. This fact sheet includes buying intentions, and features an infographic that breaks down readers’ reliance on the Journal for information prior to making big purchases. It also includes buying intentions. This is targeted to the Eastern Kansas (2-star) and Missouri (2 and 6-star) areas.

Buying Intentions

A diversified publication for diversified producers: This new one-page fact sheet includes general information from the Readex Research Trend Study. This has information regarding our “typical reader” including acreages, readership, and paid readership.

General Infographic

If you have any issues downloading, saving, or printing please let Sarah or Cody know. We can send you a copy directly. 


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