2014 AgCatalyst Highlights

Key Takeaways From AgCatalyst

-70% of the buying decision is made before the first point of contact. Therefore it is vital to have a GREAT WEBSITE and online presence.

-Winners today are companies that are transparent about everything- the good and the bad. Honest and transparent content is the greatest sales tool in the world.

-Content works when it’s empathetic first and educational second. Education=Trust. Trust is the filter through which all success must pass.

-Social media tracking is important. You should monitor the whitespace in order to find out what people are saying about your brand and your industry.

-In today’s connected world, one person can make or break a brand. Have an action plan in place should something go wrong with your reputation.

-When it comes to consumers, keep in mind that most people want to have conversations about food that lead to ag and not the other way around.

-Remember that you are NOT your audience.


Tips for a top-notch company blog:

1. Don’t underestimate press releases- break some news

2. Cover your own events

3. Have a point of view

4. Showcase your employees

5. Showcase your partners

6. Showcase your customers

7. Highlight your innovation

8. Demonstrate your purpose

9. Have some fun



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