Jim Martin helps make a difference

New World for Little Brother Kodiak

By Sara Gentzler

photo“It was kind of a new world, I guess, for me,” 8-year-old Kodiak said. “Everything changed.”

Kodiak is talking about his feelings on March 25, 2014, the first time he met his Big Brother, Jim Martin. That first meeting was special for everyone involved.

“He was just a little bundle of joy,” Jim said. “Excited, smiley, jumping around like a little jumping bean. He was all excited with this big smile and it just got me excited.”

Kodiak’s mom, Rhonda, got him involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters when she saw a need for a positive male role model.

“With his dad not being physically around, I thought it would be good for him to have a non-family member to be there for him and do manly things that his uncle and grandpa can’t do,” Rhonda said.

When Kodiak found out he had a Big Brother, he was eager to start getting out in the community with Jim.

“Someone told me that I could go places with him…and I got really excited because I can’t go every single place like Africa, but like I can go to arcades and Sempecks and stuff like that,” Kodiak said.

Though the initial meeting was only months ago, Kodiak and Jim are already creating memories together every Monday.

“I took him trout fishing at the Two Rivers recreation area,” Jim said. “He caught three trout and was very excited about that. I made us a picnic lunch and we had a picnic lunch at the trout lake. We eat and we talk and I’m always impressed by the fact that he says a prayer before we eat. I say my prayer, then he says his prayer and that’s a cool thing.”

Rhonda, Jim, and Kodiak are all confidently positive in the future of the relationship.

“I certainly hope that it continues and I feel like we’re pretty close,” Jim said. “ I want to watch him grow up and be a good big brother for him.”


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