The “Roots In Ag” Series

Our newest social media campaign kicked off February 2 on Facebook. The “Roots in Ag” series is a way to highlight the commitment to agriculture High Plains Journal and the employees have. The campaign is a way to let our readers know that agriculture isn’t just a paycheck for us, it’s a way of life.

We invite all employees to participate in our campaign. We’ll be posting these tiles/photos on Mondays as long as we have the content. We would like to be able to post them throughout the year! We have tiles scheduled up to March 9, and are looking for more volunteers. You can see the examples we have below in the image gallery.

If you’d like to participate let Sarah know and we’ll get you the information on what we need to put your tile together.


One response to “The “Roots In Ag” Series

  1. Great posts. All I did on the farm in southeast Kansas was ride horses, fish, hunt, bale hay and heave them into the barn loft. Does this count???

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