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High Plains Journal Now Offering Digital Edition With Friday Delivery

Dodge City, Kan., – High Plains Journal has been delivering up-to-date industry news, award-winning editorial, weather, markets, and the country’s largest ag classified section to farms and ranches across the core of production agriculture every Saturday for the past 64 years, but as of October 29 the agriculture publication is offering a digital edition with Friday delivery.

“We are excited to launch our digital product,” said Tom Taylor, publisher. “This is something that farmers and ranchers have been asking for, and we’re excited to finally have an option for digital delivery.”

Taylor adds that Friday delivery will help alleviate any problems with late delivery due to the restructure of many Midwest postal processing centers, and rural post office closings.

“Our subscriber base is primarily rural, and we understand that getting our product directly to the doors of our subscribers on Saturday has become more of a challenge,” Taylor said. “Delivering our product digitally eliminates those postal issues that are out of our control.”

The digital edition of High Plains Journal is the same trusted publication, only digitally reproduced for Friday delivery to inboxes. There will also be a version available on iPad with the FlipViewer application.  All five editions—Western Kansas, Eastern Kansas, Western Plains, Southern Plains, and Midwest Ag Journal—are available to subscribers on Friday afternoons.

“The editorial content remains the same,” said Holly Martin, editor. “We are reproducing our five editions that will include enhanced content like hot links in ads, links to websites in classified ads, and video content.”

“Farmers and ranchers can now sit down with a cup of coffee at their computer, or sit down with their iPad, and read the latest news,” added Martin.

The digital edition is available at a stand-alone price of $54 per year. Subscribers already receiving a print edition of the paper can add the digital edition to their subscription for just $10 per year.

For more information on the digital edition, and to watch a video on navigating the newest product from High Plains Journal visit or contact 1-800-452-7171.

High Plains Journal and Midwest Ag Journal are weekly agriculture news publications with five geographic editions covering production agricultural across 12 states with paid readership. The Journal is based in Dodge City, Kan., and has brought essential industry news and markets to farm families and agriculture decision makers for more than 60 years throughout the core of production agriculture.